How to create a temporary object


I am trying to create a temporary object that is not existing in the database. For example, I would like to create an object where will be two variables, based on the list of dates:

  1. date
  2. Id of an object from the database.

It’s possible to achieve or do I need to figure it out in a different way?

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Custom States

How can I create a custom state with list of two variables inside?

For example, I have 5 dates that I would like to connect to a specific user. But I don’t have an object that contains that two variables

  • date 1
  • user 1
  • date2
  • user2
  • date3
  • user3

Need to send that list to the backend with API and before that, I need to somehow connect a specific date with a specific user. I am not saving this information so I can’t retrieve them on the backend.


Are you familiar with Custom States?

Yes, I am using CS but I don’t know how to achieve it

Could you tell me a little bit about how to achieve it?

Create two custom states and use workflows to set the values…this will work as long as the list items are created at the same time.

Otherwise you may want to look into the List Shifter Plugin.

But if I would create two custom states, these states won’t have a relation between.

The plugin List Shifter helped me with the iteration process through the RG but still, I needed to create an object in the database. Maybe there is no way to create an anonymous object in bubble.


Originally your post stated

So I am now confused by this statement

I thought the entire point of your post was how to create a temporary object that will not be saved to the database.

Not really sure at this point what you are trying to do, so unfortunately can not provide any ideas on how to achieve it.

I thought the entire point of your post was how to create a temporary object that will not be saved to the database.

Yep, I did it because I couldn’t do it without creating the database object. In Custom states there is no place for pick type as a CUSTOM, then to add more than one variable into created Custom state. Couldn’t do something like dictionary (key,value).


If a Thing exists, then it exists in the database as long as you allow it to. Just create it, and then when done delete it. We do this all the time.


that’s not very efficient is it? in practice no one ever uses the database to save random temporary data just to delete it later!!? I feel like this is a big oversight on bubble’s end to tie everything to a type