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How to create a thing for each user in the backend

Hi Bubblers,

How have you created a thing in the database for each user that is “Created by” each individual user?


Hi Jason,
When any user creates something in the DB, it will be “created by” that user. It’s a fundamental feature of Bubble and how it works. What are you trying to achieve?

Thanks, Lindsay. Yes, I am wondering when I have XXXX users, how to have a new thing created for each of them in the backend, “created by the corresponding user” and not the user who executed the BE workflow?

AFAIK You will need to pass the ‘User’ (eg an email address that then used to lookup the User) in the BE WF - then save onto the Thing as an additional field on the Thing like “user owner”.

I don’t know of anyway where your can “override” the created by field. It is built in.

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Thanks, Lindsay. Yep, that’s pretty much how I’ve been doing it. I’ve been wondering if there’s a hack around updating the existing “created by” field rather than creating another field to query. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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