How to create a thing when a new repeating group row is added

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask a question on how I can create a new thing when a new row is added on bubble.

So I have a button when pressed, an API workflow is triggered and I need to wait a little bit to get the data from the call.

I usually get a list of items and I make them in a repeating group, so each row symbolizes 1 item

I want to make it in a way that basically whenever I get a new row, a new item is created

So whenever a new row is added automatically, a new thing (item) is created.

Is there a way I can do that?


You need to schedule a backend workflow to run on a list.

  1. Create a backend workflow, within this workflow add an action that creates the thing in the database. (I recommend watching tutorials on how to Create backend workflows if you don’t know how)

  2. When user clicks, and API response comes in, schedule a backend workflow on a list, and take the list of things from the API.

I know these steps might be complex.
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