How to create auto entry to datbase?

Hi there,

I need help related auto entry to database.

table: my thoughts

so the scenario is that when some users didn’t create any entry(of my thoughts) today then at 23: 58 auto an entry has been created by all those users.

Please guide me how to use a backend workflow for this scenario.

thank you.

Create backend workflow

Create a new My Thoughts (this isn’t a good name for a data type by the way, name it ‘Thought’) only when Do a search for Thoughts:Created Date > Current date/time:rounded down to date+days(-1):first item is empty

Schedule backend workflow to run at Current date/time+days(1)

When user signs up, schedule backend workflow that runs at Current date/time:rounded down to day+days(1)

Better to have it scheduled at 00:00 rather than 23:58.

If they would give us a CREATE A LIST OF THINGS action then a single daily workflow could search for users that didn’t make one, and make them all in one action :man_facepalming:

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