How to create login user using Azure database

I do not want to log in user using user table which is included built in.
So that, I am looking to create login user using azure database which is included the ‘user table’.

I already connected the Azure database using “SQL Database Connector” plug in. In that database, there is ‘user table’. So I would like to call that user table and log in with that user information such as “Email and Password”.

A few thoughts…

If you plan on using SQL as a backend like I’m currently doing, I would advice keeping the User table on bubble rather than having it on an external backend for 2 reasons:

  1. Bubble editor’s ‘Current User…’ option makes the development process simple and convenient
  2. Given how crucial the user auth is for any app, I would rather let bubble handle its entire process than open up any rooms for external API errors.

If your reason for not waiting to use the default User table is to give you the option to migrate from bubble in the future, then you should still use the default User table since you can just get users to reset their passwords when logging into your new platform for the first time.

Also, regarding the SQL database connector, you may want to check out my thread about it.