How to create pop up for mobile only

Hello all,

A bit of a last minute/urgent one here :smiley:

It should be straight forward, but I’m panicking now.

My app looks bad on mobile and is meant for desktop so I want to display a pop up when a phone is detected (or screen size less than say 1000px) saying something like ‘not ready for mobile yet, bear with us’.

How can I condition this please?

Thank you thank you thank you

If the screen width is less than 1000px show the popup

That’s what I’m trying to do :smiley:
But how. As a conditional on the pop up? I can’t see screen as one of the conditions

Another way you can go is to create a page that only has the “not ready for mobile” message on it. Then, on any/all pages of your app, select that page in this dropdown.


When a user accesses a page on a mobile device, they will be redirected to the page that says “not ready for mobile”.

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That’s an idea…rushing off to try it, thanks!

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No… in a workflow… when the page width is less then 1000px use an action to show the popup.

Ohhhhh, I get you. I will try this too!

ok, I’m stuck with this one.

If I click on Workflow of the popup, I clicked Show Element (mobile popup) only when…but I can’t see how to initiate it?

OK, that was daft of me, because a user needs to see the pop up not click on it.

Thanks you guys - I managed to set both examples up and just looking to see which one suits the purpose best.

Much appreciated - cheers!