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How To Create RSS Feed With Bubble Data?

How can you create an RSS feed with Bubble data when things are added to the DB a new RSS feed entry is made?

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I’m exploring the best way to do this myself. What it comes down to is the generation of an XML file that needs to be hosted somewhere (preferably your app’s root domain - which as of today you can now do!)

The problem is if you have frequent updates, you need to re-upload a new file every time. Might not be practical at all.

For the time being, Zapier has an RSS zap that will generate and automatically update a feed hosted by them. You can use a Google Sheet or even the Bubble action in Zapier to trigger it. Not sure how well this scales, but it’s a start. A downside is that Zapier won’t let you modify the “channel” description or URL - it’s hardcoded with references to Zapier, which is not awesome.

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I set up a WordPress instance on AWS and publish to it via WP API. It’s a random ip with robots blocked but all content is listed in the site’s /feed directory. I’m using it to customize MailChimp campaigns without using Mandrill.

Hi Gaby,

I’m curious as to how you got on with this? I’ve started using the Expose RSS feed plugin from Zeroqode but it seems I need to do a manual upload with every update as you suggested which is not ideal. I like the sound of using Zapier but wondered how it works as I’m using it for job posts rather than blog posts so I guess expired jobs would need to be removed automatically too, which might not be possible :man_shrugging:

Hi @josh7,

Yeah, I haven’t found a super convenient way to handle this yet. When I last commented here, I was updating blog posts manually, and didn’t want to use Zapier in the end because of the references to Zapier their solution includes.

You’re right though, deleting anything with their method wouldn’t work either as its not an option with them.

I don’t really have anything great to share on this :woman_shrugging:


Curious if there is a solution to this yet?

What kind of RSS feed are you trying to build?

I’ve built a plugin (in beta) that automatically handles this kind of automatic updating for Google Shopping Feeds and am currently working on an RSS feed for Facebook Jobs.

Looking for one for news articles that users create.
Would need to be specific categories as well.

Yeah that can be done - the current plugins I’m building allow you to build multiple feeds and you can choose whatever products/jobs/articles that you want to include in each feed.

I’ll send you a private message now.

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Hey @juicebox would you mind sending this my way as well! This is something I’ve needed/wanted for a long time.

Sure thing - I’ll message you now.

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Hey @juicebox this is something I’d be interested in, as well! Thanks.