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How to create things from 3 custom state lists

Hey everyone,

I’m struggling in creating many things from lists. I have 3 custom states which are under the form lists. From these I’d like to create new things.
I’ve tried to create a backend workflow to itterate over a list of “text”, however they only seem to be able to iterate on 1 list instead of all 3.


Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

Thank you,

I use a free plugin called List Popper and Friends.

If all the lists have the same type of data then in the ‘List to run on’ box should have one list then use bubble’s operator ‘merged with’ the second list ‘merged with’ the third list.

First question is, how many items are there across all lists? If the total will never exceed 100 or so and they’re all the same type of thing, then you can merge the lists and try Schedule API workflow on a list (as has already been mentioned). However, that approach can timeout and/or adversely impact capacity, depending on the number and complexity of things being created.

And there’s also the possibility of leveraging the Data API to create a bunch of things en masse, but that requires a bit of hoop jumping.

Probably the most scalable and capacity-friendly way to go about it would be a recursive workflow.

Again, though, the number of items you’re wanting to process is a key consideration.

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