How to define password conditions when user signs up?

I’m trying to create the following password conditions when users input their password as part of the sign up process for my app

  • minimum of 8 characters is required
  • at least 1 number is required
  • at least 1 special character is required

Without these, the user can’t sign up.

Thoughts on how to do this? Is it something done as part of the “input password”'s element work flow?

Good news! There are some options in the “Settings” tab of your app editor that let you define these.

Thanks, @andrewgassen.

Adding a screenshot for other noobs that may benefit from this:

Quick follow up - will I have to add a text element with an “x” and a “checkmark” icon and apply logic of when one should display vs the other once these password conditions are met? or is there a solution that makes this easy? I heard of the components plugin that uses dropbox’s zxcvbn library, couldn’t find helpful documentation.

Something like this:

05 AM

Screenshot taken from A great login / signup popup


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