How to delete a data entry in database autometically after some time

I had created a database with predefined data fields and create an input and dropdown options with time lablels. I now need the user to Enter the data entry which matches the existing in the database and select the time option. However when this data entry is entered it will be stored in the different data field example: “Paid” and maybe Selected Option 15 minutes time. There I need this data entry deleted from “Paid” field after 15 minutes has elapsed.

Can this be achieved
Please advise how?

Not sure if this helps, but in a work flow you should be able to set up a “do everytime a condition is true” workflow and set it to delete when current date and time - 15 minutes is greater than the database entries creation time

You can schedule an API workflow (that will run even if the user is not on your page anymore), but you need a paid plan for that.

Go to SETTINGS > API, and check “This app exposes a Workflow API

A new choice will be available in the page selector drop-down:

Then follow this process to schedule the API workflow: