How to delete records from a user list

Hi guys. How do I delete records from a user list linked to an admin user when he deletes his account? I would like to delete all user data created by the main user

Run the delete action on Do A Search For Users with the linking field as a constraint.

How have you linked them together?

They are linked by list Users in main user DB

Reference the User you are deleting’s List Of Users as the list of things to delete

But my question is how to delete the records of these users in the various data types

If you delete the core user record, they’ll be deleted from other fields and lists that reference that user automatically

Sorry, maybe we are talking about different things. When I delete a list of users linked to a primary user, the records that this user list entered into the system are not automatically deleted. For example, I am a primary user and I create a list of new users (Paul, Jhon, Andreas, etc.) and each user can create a product on the system. When I delete my account, my list of users is deleted but the products created by my user list remain. How do I delete the products created by my user list when the account is deleted. I believe it would be right for products to be automatically deleted when their creators were also deleted

Hi @marciosb ,

All data types has “created by” field on it.

I think you can delete all data related with the deleted user by running delete action to all data types that possible to be created by the deleted user with “created by” constraint

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