How to delete State Name?

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Hi everyone!

I made a mistake and added this State Name. Can anybody tell me how to delete this?

Thanks guys!

Go to the Inspector window and delete the custom state…or change the name, but I don’t believe that is a custom state, I believe it is a custom data type as custom states are usually at the bottom of a list like this, while the custom data type is at the top of the list.

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Hi! I’m still unable to delete it. It’s an inspector’s window of an image, that I added a state in the dynamic data. I tried deleting it through workflow but there’s no luck.

“Add a new custom state” is the only clickable element in the inspector’s window.

That’s because there is no custom state.

Yep, when this “Categorized types, datasources and operators” experimental feature is switched on → custom states are listed under custom states block:

How did you add that custom state?

By clicking “Create a custom state” selecting the element, clicking the “i” in the properties editor then adding a new custom state from there.

Read more on custom states here: Custom states - Bubble Docs.

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