How to display a loader when a page is loading

Hello, Amazing Bubblers…
Please, How can one display a loader in a particular place (say in a group) when a page is loading and Bubble’s progress bar is being displayed?

This is to show a user that a particular task is in progress or just for ui/ux aesthetics.

In the work flow you can use- when page is loaded
So what you can do is put a loading icon and make sure it is say to display always on and on the work flow on in the conditions you can write when page is loaded display should be off.

Same thing goes for the repeating group you have a condition - repeating group is loaded, so you can use that to hide or unhide that loading icon

Hi Donald,

  1. First, install the “CSS Loading Animations Plugin”.

  1. Drag the element into the page where you want it. It has a few loading spinner styles you can choose from.

Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 10.28.23 AM

  1. Make the element invisible by default (uncheck the first item).

Check “Collapse when hidden”, if you need that to happen.

  1. At the point in your workflow where you want the spinner to be displayed, select the loading element you just added.

  1. In your workflow, hide the Loading element when the event you are waiting for completes.
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Thanks, @siddharth … Tried this a couple of times but couldn’t get around it.

It’s what I was on for… Thanks, man…

Screenshot (1143)

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