How to easily and cheaply create a mobile (webview) app

Does anyone know if once the app is published in any of the above webwrappers (ios only) if its possible to call the app from within another app or via url? and pass parameters

ie appname://myapp?parameters=blah
or similar?


It reads “[…] you replace the default webview-link with a link to your mobile app (the page of your Bubble-project that has mobile settings).”

Would someone put “the page of your Bubble-project that has mobile settings” in bubble-newbie terms, please?

Thanks a lot.

If I use a webview in android studio or xcode, is there a way to change the status bar color to match my app?

I just tried the webview app for iOS but now have this error msg in Xcode…

“Module compiled with Swift 4.2.1 cannot be imported by the Swift 5.0 compiler”

Anyone experience something similar and know how to resolve it?

I contacted the webview support team but haven’t heard back from them and it’s been 2 days already…

Hi @solinz,

I’m trying to use the webview you recommended.

Can you just tell me what I’m supposed to put in the “bundle indentifier”? I’m not sure where to find my “URL” to input here…


sorry for the delay. the document is really clear have you downloaded the documents that comes with template? otherwise wait until tonight once i have document with me i will let you know.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @solinz,

I realised that I didn’t have my URL entered into settings and have done it now but thank you!


Great :slightly_smiling_face:

So what is the main aspect of work with the apps of such kind?

main aspect


I speak about the basics. What do I need to know to wotk with it initially?

Hi, I am using and it works just fine.
It is only for android so far but it is google play ready ands super competitive. Give it a try.

Hi, I just got complete series of videos on webview app development. You guys can check it out. Actually, One thing unique I have got here is source code of upload system, I did not find anywhere. anyway, you guys can check it out. it has all the functionality adding videos and source code. Convert Website Into App

Hey! Does it support video-streaming?

Hi, please I purchased this webview app. I would like to replace the default web-view link with my mobile app link. How can I do this please?

Hi @abrahamyerins

You can use

Before you convert your web app, please make sure it is responsive and highly mobile friendly.If you want to test your app before conversion, you can use Nativator Previewer.
Download link:

Let’s assume your web app is up and running, you simply need to fill out the following fields:

  • Your app name

  • Your app description

  • Your app complete URL

  • You app icon: 512x512 with transparent background

  • Your Bundle ID: for example, you are free to pick any alternative.

  • Your app id related to OneSignal: If you wish to send push notification, you need to create an account on onesignal first and generate an App ID for the appropriate platform (Android or iOS). Leave empty if not applicable.

  • If your app needs to access user’s location for maps or other: toggle yes

  • If you want Nativator to publish your app: Toggle yes and provide your Play Store Account details or add as admin in your Play Store Console.

  • Review and checkout.

You will receive your build after few minutes for Android and 1-2 hours iOS directly uploaded to your developer account (App store).

We offer a live chat support.


Hi, I was also searching solution for the same problem. After a long search I got a blog that has complete webview app development series videos, pictures, text tutorials guidelines and codes. I did just copy and paste and follow the guidelines and my website automatically turns into awesome apps. you can check it out if you wish.
Webview App