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How to edit large batch of records

Is there a good way to make the same change to a really large group of records?

My use case is that I need to duplicate a couple fields from one table onto a different table. I’ve got about 34,000 records that already exist that need the data duplicated.

I tried “make changes to a list of things” but it kept silently erroring out. I tried “schedule API on a list of things” but it also silently errored out.

So I tried limiting the search to the first 500 items and now it looks like something is happening.

I had hoped that the limitations on how long “lists” can be wouldn’t affect this since it should just be the results of a search, not stored as a list, but it looks like the process isn’t working on that many search results.

So do I have to break up the batch edit into small enough groups (500? 1000?) items and just keep running it until it eventually fixes all 34,000 records? @emmanuel

I ran into similar timeouts before. They suggest breaking it up:

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I dunno. There’s no visibility into how batch editing fails. Right now I’m using “make changes to a list” and just limiting the number of items.

Both this action and “schedule API on a list” either didn’t do anything I could see or did something then threw an error.

Right now I’ve found that this action doesn’t throw an error for about 600-700 items so I’m just clicking the button until the number of possible entries equals the number of edited entries.

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I don’t have a perfect solution, but if you are familiar with postman, it will be quite straightforward to use its batch run method to iterate over all the ids you want to change. You’d have to create an endpoint first - if you are interested, I can give more details.

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