Schedule Beyond 100

We are pulling data from an API but we are only getting 100 list items at a time when saving to our DB. Is there a limit to the “Schedule API Workflow … on a list”?

There are different API limitations, some of them based on the plan you’re on, but as far as I know they’re not documented in detail so it’s not always obvious if that’s the case.

What you describing here though, I’m fairly certain is a built-in limitation.

@court There is no 100 item limitation on saving to the database but you might be running into capacity limitations during your workflow. Here is an in-depth look into scheduling API workflow limitations.

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I understand how it works now, thanks to Neerja, and Peter. With that being said I’ll try to bring my interval down from 15 to maybe 5 see if that pulls more results in time.

It was really odd it hit 100 both times perfectly when I ran the workflow.

Capacity hits 50% when I run the attempt, and it does 100 saves each time I try. I tried putting the ‘schedule workflow on list’ interval down to 5 seconds and no change.

I’ll try doing a boost before running it again.

Thanks for sharing that post Neerja, I’d missed that.

You may also want to look into Bubble’s Data API - it enables you to load large sets of data at all once (instead of running it on a list which does them one at a time). This is a quick way to load hundreds of records typically in less than 1 second.

Is there limitations on how many things I can schedule at once?