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How to edit what message email displays

I am creating an app whereby you can log online and visit this website and click a button which says get coupon. When you click this button you are prompted to send your email address, on entering this I want to be able to change the message of what is sent in the email to the code of the coupon does anyone have any suggestions on how I would go about this?

I think there are a lot of ways to do this, but here’s one solution.

–Create a custom state on the popup called “Mail Sent.” Make it a yes/no
–The custom state should default to No
–When the Send button is pressed, make it change the Mail Sent state of the popup to Yes
–Put a condition on the text you want to change: when parent group's Mail Sent is Yes... then have it change the text. Use the conditional tab of the element to do this.

That’ll work, and is one of many ways to do it. It’d be neat to hear some other ideas!

Thank you!!