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How to embed a TikTok video with just the url

Hi All,

Within my app, users are able to post a link to their TikTok video. I would then like to display this video as part of their post. I understand you can use the html code for embed provided by TikTok but I need this to be dynamic for every user and users can’t access the embed code on mobile (also it just isn’t great UX). I’m trying to figure out a way to take in the url from the user and extract the embed HTML using an API call.

I found this documentation on the TikTok website (TikTok for Developers) but I’m not sure how to implement it on the bubble API connector as this seems to use oembed which I can’t find much information for.

I’ve found this TikTok plugin: TikTok Embed Plugin | Bubble but can’t see a way to use it on my app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!