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How to extract Specific Days from a Date Range

Basically I want to calculate the number of specific days (Monday, Friday) in a date range. So for example, from 7th Sep 2021 to 18th Sep 2021, I know that there are 1x Monday and 2x Fridays. How can I calculate this from bubble?


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Interesting. One way to do this is a little intricate. I would look forward to hearing how other folks would approach this :grinning: as it should be much easier I would think.

Anyways here it goes:

Loop through the days extracting their number and then group them to count them (using :group by)

Explore a karma ware plugin called list shifter to do this in the browser or you can do the looping via backend workflows

There are a few steps to do this but I am just laying out the broad strokes

@mikeloc @jared.gibb how would you guys approach this? Very interested in knowing your take :+1:t2:


Thanks :pray: @cmarchan

Well… if I may, my calendar plugin will do this for you :wink:

And it’ll display them nicely too! And not just the dates. It’ll produce them as date/time intervals

But if not

I’d personally use the Luxon JavaScript library and some looping in a custom built plugin and cut the bubbly headache.

You need to loop between the days contained by your start and end date. If the Fay equals a Monday or Friday, push it into a list. Publish the list and now you know which days fall on which dates.



Thanks for the thorough response. Your calendar plugin provides a lot of functionality! :+1:t2:

What plugin is this?

Hey @fredericksia1991 !

It’s the Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

If you’re interested, I can set you up on a trial so you can try it before you buy it! A couple weeks should be plenty of time AND I offer support setting up as I don’t have all the docs for the Timeslot generator. But I am very available and it’s actually fairly simple to use!

I’d wait to use it until my next update goes through. I’m waiting for almost 2 weeks now. The update introduces some breaking changes and correlates with the documentation. Either way, I’ll provide support throughout!

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