How to fetch data into dB via API Connector

I am very new to Bubble. I am trying get a Google Sheets table into Bubble dB (destination.) The API connection part seems to work properly. But I cannot figure out how to transfer the data. Ideally I would like to schedule to run monthly basis or by a trigger.



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You can use Parabola to do this fairly easily.

Assuming your Sheety call is returning a list of rows then to store it in the database you do the API Connector call, then run “Schedule API workflow on a list” on the list - each API call will then add a row to the database.


Thank you so much for the guidance! You lead me to an amazing solution that also introduced me many other possibilities. I am leaving the youtube link here for people who might want further guidance.


the same issue I’m facing

thank you Mr. NigleG

bonus: what I was planning to before is that I want to convert my excel data to JSON and upload it to Firebase (which I already did ) but stuck in process of connecting the API to bubble.

my future plan is to hack API and Firebase because no one talked about it in this forum(and there is high demand) .you know it is useful and sometimes critical to use firebase as BAAS so we can collaborate together to do it. PM me if you interested
thank you Cmayor

Already have API Connector and Firebase up and running.

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can you please share a link or some resources about how to do it?

Is is possible that Parabola may not work with the basic/free version of Bubble?

I am keep getting the following error from Parabola:
“body”: {
“message”: “Workflow parabola not in initialization mode”,
“status”: “NOT_FOUND”
“statusCode”: 404

And Bubble init. mode gives me the following screen:

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I got the same exact message. any help?
you should consider my above suggestion @CMayor