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How to filter data on a range: Mon - Sun?

Hi friends,

How can we filter data on a range of a week and advancing to the next week?
Example: Current day is Wednesday. Filter would range from this past Monday to the coming Sunday. Also, if click next button, selects the next week’s range.

Appreciate the support.


Hello @jasonturo

current date :rounded down to week +days:1 brings you to last Monday

From then on add 7 days each click

You’re the best. Thanks, buddy!

Also, this is the first time I’ve experienced using a range of dates. I’m guessing it works like this: current date:
rounded down to week +days:1 <-range-> current date :rounded down to week +days:7

Of course. 2 filters. One >= monday, and the second, less than sunday. Probably time for some sleep. Thanks again, @cmarchan . Have a great holiday season.

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