How to filter repeating group on date/time picker's date?

I have a repeating group of Current User’s Sessions. The user chooses a date from a Date/Time Picker and I want the repeating group to only show the Sessions where the Start field is equal to that date.

The problem with this…


…is that it displays the sessions from that day of every month, e.g. November 8, October 8, etc.

So I need to extract the whole date, not just the day of the month. I read that the way to do this is to change hours to 0, change minutes to 0, changes seconds to 0, which is annoying, but regardless, doesn’t allow me to then compare “This Session’s Start” with “Date/TimePicker Session’s” value, for example by using “is” or “=”.

The ideal would be to just extract the full date, but that’s not an option.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Phil, try converting the dates to a text format:

Advanced: This session’s start :formatted as mm/dd/yy is date/time picker’s value :formatted as mm/dd/yy

This will strip out the time obviously, so I hope that’s also what you need.


Nice! I thought that wouldn’t work, but did :slight_smile:

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