How to find job in bubble?

Hello, recently i started learn bubble and now i want to find a job. Please tell me where can I find a job and on what platforms? Thank you in advance!

Hi @nurbek.2799,

Check out this forum category: Jobs / Freelance

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How about creating the jobs instead of finding one? Resist the slave programming


There are more and more bubble jobs becoming available every week!

Like @johnny says lots in the forum category: #jobs-freelance

I also look for and send out the latest bubble jobs from around the world via a bubble jobs newsletter.

Get Jobs sent directly to your inbox!

Let me know if you need any more help?

to get jobs you need experience so build your own projects or help friends with projects.

challenge yourself to learn a new plugin per day or a new workflow per day.

e.g. start with a simple restaurant app and try to slowly make it into an app which does everything for a restaurant (ordering, seating, payment, menus etc)

then you need leads. ie people who want to use your services.
some ideas to get leads
the forum
making plugins
twitter (get 1000 followers upwards by sharing helpful content and helping beginners)
youtube channel (same as above)
fiverr/upwork (start with low salary)

no need to work with rude or not respecting clients by the way! you can always say no!

best of luck.


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