How to get a UK date format on a calendar?

I have found that AirCalender and Full Calendar both only provide US date format (12/1/2023) but I need to display UK format (1/12/2023).

This is an issue because for a UK person glancing at a calendar, 1/12/2023 reads as 1st December, but of course this would be 12th Jan if in US format.


I offered to pay the developers of AirCalender but they said they don’t offer a customization service. I wonder if anyone has any ideas, hacks or workarounds so that I can display the UK format on my ‘dayWeek’ calendar view? Or, if anyone knows of alternative calendars (that allow HTML editing) that may be suitable.

Hi Darren,

I’ve found that if you want non-US date formats on your Bubble app, it’s easier to:

  1. Use a plugin like List of Dates to handle the dates you want to display
  2. Connect the output of the plugin to a repeating group
  3. Inside the repeating group, use some text to format the current cell’s date however you want
  4. Add groups within that repeating group to show whatever you content you want to relate to each date

I hope that makes sense!

Thank you, that is a good solution for simple things like a date picker, but for an entire calendar it would require me to build everything from scratch. I did attempt this but a full calendar with multiple views was simply too daunting. I need a solution with works in tandem with an existing calendar plugin.