How to get properties on initialize function?

I want to get the properties to initialize the css on the initialize function but that just don’t exist there. How do I get that?

You don’t. The initialize function is just that! It does not support dynamic properties. You can use shared keys. That’s about it

Can you give me a exemple of it?
I just need to take the properties.font_color and use it on initialize css, just like preview function.

Ya sure, So add a shared key like this

or like this if your planning to use as a header

And use anywhere like this

//Get Bubble Dynamic List and store in a variable
let vKey = context.keys['Key name as string'];

@AliFarahat @bubble I’m wondering if end-users would be able to inspect variables containing private API keys at runtime and view view them? Seems like they would?

Private API keys are never sent to the browser, only usable server side. Public API keys are sent to the browser so you can use in element and client side actions.
That’s the only difference between them.