How to go to a dynamically set destination

This question is similar to Can I set a dynamic destination in workflows? and Dynamic Destination url not working which did not get solved.

I have a workflow which can receive a URL or a page name. (It’s a menu where each option has a URL attribute.) However, the “destination” field only gives a list of current pages, I don’t see an option to dynamically select the page.

I’d like to be able to navigate to the URL of the currently selected option rather than manually creating dozens of steps for each page.

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I’d set a link element on the page - you won’t need a workflow then and you can set the URL dynamically :slight_smile:

But on another note - I’d just have one page and then on the page have it set to get a URL parameter in order to display the appropriate data. Then you navigate to that page and ‘send more parameters’ to the page using the key and a dynamic value.

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This is a large menu which is populated by a menu, so setting a link element would defeat the whole purpose :laughing:

I can see having a “redirect” page work, but I worry it wouldn’t redirect fast enough and would mess up the back button…

The correct way to do this is to use the Navigate > Open an external website Action, and construct the URL yourself as a text expression. Note that there is a handy built-in expression (“Website home URL” which resolves to the correct base URL for your site, including things like /version-test/ and /version-live/, so you don’t have to work out the logic for that. Note that “Website home URL” INCLUDES the trailing slash, so don’t add one manually. The slug you construct should not start with “/”, but with page name).

So, to go to some page in your site:

If you need to send a query string or a Thing’s unique ID, you construct that yourself also.


BTW, the “Link” element can be used similarly, but it creates a link element in your page and is not an action. You can also create a link in any text element using BBcode and the same dynamic expression technique.

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Hm, maybe I could replicate this by using a repeating list containing links. Seems a shame to re-build the slidebar menu which is otherwise super easy to use.

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Not sure how it defeats the whole purpose - if you are wanting the user to click something in order to navigate to another URL then the link element is exactly for this.

You can style the link element anyway you like - often I will have an invisible link element over the top of an image etc. Saves having to build workflows and is marginally quicker to navigate.

If you need to navigate to another URL by a trigger other than a user ‘click’ then you can use the navigate actions, internal page or external website depending on your use case (or even javascript if you need to open in another window).


This is exactly the way to think about it, @equibodyapp!


I’m sorry I thought you meant using a single link element instead of an entire menu of links. The reason I’m using an option is to be able to dynamically generate a menu with many links using it. But now I realize that this can be done with a Repeating Group to make a menu, I don’t need to depend on a menu plugin.


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