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How to have a recurring event for subscriptions

I charge my client’s monthly and they are given a set amount of sessions (For services) each payment. How do i ensure that bubble automatically adds sessions every time a payment goes through for an user?

With the Personal (or higher) plans you get access to Bubble’s api. This should let you setup a workflow that would be triggered and add sessions to a user’s account on a successful Stripe or Braintree transaction. I’ve seen api workflows that notify the user if a Stripe transaction isn’t processed, so running one to add sessions shouldn’t be an issue.


Thank’s for the reply! Yes I have been able to do that. My question pertains to future transactions as all transactions after the first one are automatically processed through stripe. How do I ensure that sessions are added each month?

I was just thinking, maybe i can have bubble check to see if a subscription is valid at the start of each month and then add sessions based on that?

I would still use the same method. Every time a payment is processed the api is called and the sessions would be added. I don’t think that would change if it’s the first transaction or a recurring transaction.


Okay, I’ll give that a shot, thank you!