How to have page height = viewers page height? (eliminate vertical scroll)

Alright, I’ve done some searching on the forums and after playing around with floating groups I just haven’t been able to figure this out. I may just be doing something wrong but does anyone know an easy way to implement this?

Here’s the photography portfolio website I’m making for my friend (still being drafted so don’t pay attention to categories or photos -

I want the page height to = the viewer’s page size, very similar to this website -

So basically eliminate vertical scrolling all together and have the background image (or page) scale to the viewer’s screen size.

Additional question, do you happen to know how to change pages within an app without refreshing the whole page? For instance, category is clicked - just show another group, then show/hide groups as different tabs are clicked. I know it can be done with groups but I don’t think that would change any url would it?

Thanks dudes, and sorry if I’ve missed this topic somewhere else on the forums.

I did it with mine here:The Vineyard - Online Church Directory

I added the image to the page background and set these settings for it:


LOL… I’ve been tryng to figure that out for the past three hours… Thanks @DiscipleGeek

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When you set the page height to a height that’s less than the visitor’s screen height then the page background gets stretched to the visitor’s screen’s full height. That’s the key.

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I tried this but I can’t fit the whole picture on the page. I want to show and use all screen height there is, getting it resized keeping proportions. I’d rather do it using an Image element.

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Do you mind explain how did you accomplish this page size -