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How to hide API calls from network

Hi everyone,

I’m using API connector to do call information from an external API.

The problem is that my API all is visible to everyone when checking the network.

Do you have a solution to hide this API call ?


Hi @JBG, if your API calls contain sensitive data, you should encrypt the data sent/received; otherwise, you should make server-server API connections instead of running API in the client.

Hi @yusaney1

No data is sensitive in this API call.
I just don’t want people to see the web address I’m calling.

Do you have any idea ?


As said, you have to make a server-server call. Instead of running the API in the client, add the API request to a backend workflow and schedule the request from the client, so the call is not exposed.

Put the url in-between brackets and mark it as private in the api connector.

Sorry, I meant hiding API response as API calls are already encrypted.

I’ll create another post.