How to hide embedded Youtube video tittle

Hi, I want to hide the tittle of an embedded Youtube video so users are not able to open it on Youtube. Can I achieve this using coding?

@pork1977gm is this achievable with videojs? I’d be fine with the title displaying, but killing the “open new tab” workflow would be ideal

I believe these are the built YouTube annotations (might not be the correct word for them) which are controlled through the YouTube API part of the plug-in. I don’t think they can be removed, would have to do some research to be sure.

You might be able to target those with a class selector, if it’s not in an iFrame that is.

Hey! Checking back in @rao2001

You can actually very easily achieve this with a VideoJS Player by:

  • Create an Align-to-Parent Group

  • Place VideoJS Player with Youtube Controls Inside

  • Place a second group within the Align-to-Parent Group.

  • Make sure you “send to back” VideoJS Player.

  • Now You have a group covering videojs player. Remove the white background of the group, and set its max height to 40. Don’t fit height to content.

  • Now you have an invisible group covering the title section of videojsplayer that users would usually click on.

I have an app wrapped with BDK, and the native hyperlink would open the YouTube webpage but still within my app, and it would completely bork things over.

Optionally: You can add a workflow action to your invisible group. My workflow simply opens up the same YouTube link but within an actual browser // new tab on the device.

@pork1977gm ^^

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