How to Implement Mobile Number Login with OTP?

Hey everyone!

I want my users to Login to the app using mobile number and by entering One time password (4 digit code) which is sent to their mobile number.

On the Sign up page, user will enter email, phone number and password to signup. But later if they want to use phone number to login, they should be able to do it.

Which means, User already has an account with an email. But later if they forgot the password, and for ease of logging in, they should be able to sign in by entering the phone number, which should send a 4 digit code to their mobile number and entering the code should log them in.

What would be the ideal and most secure way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Lalith Pavan

Bumping on this post again.

Any thoughts here?

How can we let the user login with a 4 digit code and without entering the password?

Watch this video, hope you meet out your requirement.