How to keep my database clean?

Hey! How do you keep your database clean? Do you delete the stuff you don’t need every week/month? Pictures, test accounts and other stuff.

Also do you clean your live database? I have some accounts from users that don’t use my app anymore. So should I notify them via email and then delete their acc?

Or It is not that important to think about dead accounts and some random pictures?

Yes I think your system can send account termination email based on their status by creating workflow. E.g. When current date time is greater than 365 days than the last login date time, something like that can be created.

I am not quite sure how this workflow can be designed for massive lists of data associated with an account. But yes you can do it if you search similar threads in the forum, you will see.

I receive email from various companies where I do not log in for couple of months like Hubspot. It’s very usual to do this.

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Ok, thank you! Will do like this

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Good luck to you :heart: