How to know user leaving the current page

how to check whether user navigate or click back button from browser on certain page? I want to show popup confirmation before they leave. Is that possible?

Those are called exit intent popups …I haven’t seen anyone use it for bubble yet but I did find this

A quick glance makes me think that it’d be a bit of a pain to get working in bubble, if it’s even possible.

hmm… i thought this method already been widely use, especially in the payment page to acknowledge user they not yet make payment before they leave.

Just the back button or whole toolbar?

any action that may lead the user leave the page. Anyway, you got any idea for the back button? may i know your approach ?

SumoMe is a popular email marketing tool that uses exit intent popups as a part of its List Builder feature:

I don’t actually have any experience with it, but people seem to love the whole service. Not sure what integration into Bubble would look like, but just getting it on your radar :slight_smile:

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Email driven remarketing on cart abandonment is maybe a better solution.

There are companies that do it for you (for a fee) but you can easily do it in bubble.

Personally I think it is a better user experience than a “hey what are you thinking” back button pop-up.

Friendly email saying “sorry you left … Did you find what you were looking for?” If someone abandons the cart.

I haven’t tried this

Could you simply create a shape and test if it is hovered? If not, it could trigger/show a popup.

@NigelG great email idea made bubble simple

Hi everyone!

I’m starting a sumome experiment today and will keep it going until the end of the year.

I’ve tossed up a calendar reminder to report back in the forums in a month.

Here goes,


Has anyone come up with a way to show an exit intent popup? Didn’t see anyone doing it in Bubble before, but perhaps the new JS Plugins make this viable? Anyone have a working example?

My use case - I’m displaying a long form and want to remind users they must click “save” if they don’t want to lose their edits. Would like to test an exit intent popup to see if this resolves the problem (without frustrating users).


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Does anyone know how? Would be awesome.

Two things come to mind, firstly you could use MouseyMousey and its as easy as when mouses Y position is < 1 show popup. This would mean a user cant make it above the the actual page without triggering the popup. If you need a bounding box type setup and not the browsers viewable screen MouseyMousey can monitor elements and the mouse at the same time, so you can work out if they have exited the area.

The other thing that comes to mind is a plugin that allows you to set a distance from an element, when mouse cursor is > than distance, append a small animated icon to the cursor that polls the direction of the element directing attention in the direction of an element that an an action is required in.

2 Likes - this works really well.

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Hey @jarrad,
Where can we access “MouseyMousey” please?

it looks perfect to solve the problem of this post!