How to let user reorder a list of things?

Basically, how do you change and save a new order for a list of things?

In more detail:

My site has an option to make lists. The list data type has a field ‘List Entries’ which is a list of movies. Movies also being a data type of it’s own.

The ‘list entries’ are displayed in a repeating group, and the page is set to type list, which displays the current page list.

I want to make it so that when the user reorders the ‘List Entries’ in the repeating group (once a save changes button is pressed). It will change and save the order of the ‘list entries’, which again is a list of movies.

Hi @fredrikgotmail ,

you can not order the list entries in the database entry.

If you already have built a function to reorder the repeating group, you should build a new data type, lets call it "configuration, for the users view on that list and save the “reorder” there.
For example just use a “number” field and sort the list by that number.

For detailed explanation it would be useful to know how you connected your data types with each other.

Best wishes