How to link chat gpt to multiple tools?

I have created multiple tools like essay writer, caption righter etc but im struggling to link chat gpt to my database can anyone help?

Are you using a GPT plugin or the GPT API using API calls?

I’m using an api call ive put bearer and my api key and also application/json and its saying that:
There was an issue setting up your call.

OpenAI error: this header name is not correct Authorization

Are you putting ‘bearer’ or ‘Bearer’?

If you’re using OpenAI, your API call authorization should be formatted as ‘Bearer XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’

hopefully that helps as far as i can see this should work

Responded to your email but try updating “Content - Type” to “Content-Type”!

Also remove the " " around " […] ". Replace all of those parameters with just one parameter . Then make the prompt in an arbitrary text field:formatted as JSON-safe using the parameters you currently have in the API call.

Also there’s a good chance you’ll see better results using a ‘system’ message instead of ‘user’.


@georgecollier are you familiar with any of these issues?

  1. You’re trying to set a data source as a list but are only providing a text
  2. You have a circular expression reference
  3. Incompatible datatype
  4. Incompatible datatype

ive fixed 3 but its still saying this any thoughts?

It won’t let an element refer to itself in the datasource