How to load data to bubble database automatically every 5 minutes


I’m new to bubble and I am having trouble pulling data from an external API and loading it automatically into the bubble database every 5 minutes.

I know the API is working properly as I built out this functionality within a page. All I do is create a new workflow “When Do every 300 seconds” → then “Create a thing” and then choose the API and what data to be loaded into the database. However, if the page is not open the API will stop refreshing and therefore stop loading data into the database.

Is there a way to do a similar logic within the backend workflows. It’s not intuitive and when I try to do a recurring event they keep asking for more money. I’m assuming the solution is going to cost more. Any advice on solving this without upgrading my plan?

Thank you,

There is, but I don’t think this is a healthy approach… The best way is to insert the data into your database using a webhook.

Anyway… The solution would be to trigger a backend workflow that, in the end. will schedule to trigger itself in 1 minute… this will generate a loop… But as I said, don’t think this is the best solution…

Thanks for your help! If there is a better way I am all ears. Again I am new so don’t know the full capabilities within bubbles or website functionality.

Anything you would recommend to read about webhooks to learn more?

Thanks again

First step would be it find out if the place where you are pulling data from has the ability to send a webhook everytime the data changes.