How to make a checklist from a list of fields of a thing?


I want to make a checklist from a list of fields of a thing from my bubble database.

The goal is to create something on the user end that will allow them to see which fields of a thing are empty or not empty.

For example, I have a thing called “Project”. Within Project, I have the fields “Name”, “Description”, and “Objective”.

I want to display these fields in a checklist. If the Project’s Name is NOT empty, the preset for the checkbox will be “checked”.

For some reason, I cannot wrap my head around the proper way to do this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi there, @randreas… if I understand your post correctly, I’m thinking a repeating group that is a search for projects and that has some checkbox elements in it would do the trick. So, maybe something like this on the user end?

It ain’t pretty, but you get the point. Is that what you mean, though? If it is, it’s just a simple repeating group, and the checkboxes have conditions on them to show them as unchecked and change their labels when the current cell’s project’s corresponding field is empty.

Anyway, that’s what came to mind when I read your post, and I hope this helps.


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Thank you Mike.

I believe I figured it out, and I believe its pretty much the way you’ve outlined.

Such a simple problem lol. I think my headache from earlier was preventing me from thinking straight.

Thank you

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