How to make a Search "Dropdown" work on a phone?

I created a reusable element that combines an Input, Search & Autocorrect, and Group Focus containing a Repeating Group, for the purpose of allowing the user to select from a short list identified by the Input and Search & Autocorrect.


When used in a computer browser, the reusable element works pretty much as expected.


However, when used on a phone (iPhone), touching in the Input element to open up the keyboard causes the search results Group Focus (containing the search results Repeating Group) to close.

On a phone, there is no way to use the search to produce a list from which to select the desired value.

How can I make this work on a mobile device (phone)?

@romanmg, if you can, please take a look at this problem.


Hey @laurence, was this resolved?

No resolution.

I’m about ready to look at a recently released plugin, hoping it will do the trick:

Let me know if you find any answers to the search and select on mobile mystery.

@laurence @mazorshimon
Don’t hesitate to ask if you need to test Selectize Plugin :wink:

I surely would love to test it, if indeed it allows for a comprehensive drop down experience, and it works on mobile. If it works for my use case I use definitely get it.

Just send me a PM with your app ID

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