How to make an app like lunchclub using bubble?


I would like to have a feature like on my app. Specifically their feature where they are able to share google meet links to people whom they match via email.

  1. match 2 people together who have similar interests
  2. Set up a google meet link automatically
  3. Email the google meet link to the respective matched people.

Does anyone know how to do this? I can manage the matching part and sending email, but not sure about the google meet (or any other meeting link app as such) part. Keen on google meet because it’s free!

Do suggest some way!

You’ll need to learn a bit about APIs, since you are using other company’s services to arrange meetings. Or, you can try searching existing plugins that others have developed, maybe someone has solved the same problem that you face.

There seems to be this option using jitsi.

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