How to make bubble site that can convert PDF to word and more

Hi bubble guys,

I have a doubt about how to create website like these


These sites are convert one file to another, how it works ? can I do the same functionalities in my bubble site ?

I’m sure it is possible to do, but working with PDFs is pretty high on the difficulty/complexity scale in my opinion. It would probably be easier to outsource that functionality if possible.

Awesome, If it is possible , how I can do it ? this feature needs custom coding ?


Yes you would have to use custom code. I am not sure about how to convert to pdf to powerpoint. All my experience with PDF’s was to convert html in to a PDF and I found html2pdf.js. In the end I used some of that and then finally used the PDF Conjurer Plugin.

Thanks a lot @williamtisdale , I going to try this PDF plugin.

@williamtisdale Do you mind to speak into your experience with this plugin a bit further? I know the author of the plugin is a good one, however I wonder why the forums are still littered with requests for PDF solutions. Are you aware of any major limitations to this plugin?

That plugin has alot of documentation and I think on a site like Bubble that kinda scares people away. I used the html2pdf code to create a little plugin action that would just take an element by using its id attribute and doing a “screenshot” to save it as an image. There are plenty of free plugins that do exactly that but I was trying to convert it straight to a PDF and ended up just giving up after about a week. Thats when I decided to just use PDF conjurer to add the image to a pdf in a backend workflow. One of the main reasons I like that plugin is because of the ability to be used on the backend. I’m sure if anyone were to read through all the documentation they would find it to do most anything you would need when creating a PDF.

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