How to make my app work good on app store

Hi everybody ,
I built a native application using bubble, the application uses a connection through Google, and also uses the device’s camera,
I was able to prepare a code and a file in xcode that displays the application, and I was also able to give permission to use the device’s camera,
I encountered several problems, 1. It is not possible to connect through Google or create a user because there is no permission to do so.
2. When I try to open a camera through the app I do succeed, but after saving the image it shows the page loading but the image does not upload to the site.
3. I added options for payment within the application using stripe, but when the application is opened through the phone, as a web or as an application, the payment buttons do not appear, I would like to make an Apple/Google payment according to the device, but at the moment we are at the stage where I will be satisfied that it will simply work in order to start doing tests on the app

Many thanks to the helpers! good week

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Hi there,

Have you considered using a PWA instead of native wrapping, personally I find it to be the better option for most applications.

You can still use any device cameras etc, it can still have offline data, and you can still use stripe for payments.

My favourite is

i’ll try this!

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