How to make popups fade out the background?

Hi, I’m stuck. How does one make the background of a page fade when opening a popup and then the reverse after the popup is closed?


You can use a ‘shape’ element and make it the entire width of the page. Set the opacity to whichever of your choosing, I typically like between 65-85%. Then on the workflow:

When button is clicked > Fade in ‘Shape’ > Fade in Popup. And the reverse when closing a popup.

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Worked great. Thanks!


There is a buildin feature for this. Just check the “grayout blur” function of the popup. It blures the backgound. You can also define a color overlay with a certain amount of opacity in there.

I’ve never seen that before. Can you post a screen shot?

Make sure to edit (or remove) the default popup style.


You are just a life saver thank you