How to make scheduling date for open/close registration?

hi bubblers, need help. struggle with this for a day

so in my app i have a button to the registration form. but i want it to be clickable on a specific date.
let say i want the registration open date between “10 Nov 2022 - 12 Nov 2022” and “20 Nov 2022 - 24 Nov 2022”. then out of these date the button will unclickable.

how can i achieve this? should i use backend workflow?

thank you for attention.

Just add a condition on the button…

Make it unclickable by default, and then when the current date/time is within those ranges, make it clickable

I can guarantee that I don’t know exactly what your interface looks like, but you CAN probably do this via the following:

  1. Create a table with available registration dates.
  2. Create a calendar, with the source being the registration dates.
  3. Modify the calendar so if the user clicks on an event registration date, it will bring them to whatever page/pop-up you want.
  4. If they click a date that isn’t a registration date, show them a pop-up saying registration isn’t available on that date.

Does this make any sense? Again, I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, so I just took a shot at it.

thank you for replying @adamhholmes and @firstfifteensoftware

so in other words i need to have admin page?
i want to set it behind

my interface just simple like this

there is no calendar feature on my screen, so what i want is set automaticly without always change the condition in the button.

like scheduling but dont know how to set it up.

tell me if i confusing you

tell me if i confusing you

You’re confusing me…

what are you asking now? a different question? or the same question again (the one I already answered)?

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sorry about that,
same question but maybe like an alternative way.
when we want to make auto without always change the condition behind the button,
for example when i have another date again to open the registration.

@adamhholmes and @firstfifteensoftware thank you guys for the solution i already try ur solution and i think i found way to make it happen.

thank you for the insight. big thanks from me.

The dates in the condition should (of course) be dynamic…

How you define those dates, is up to you (and depends entirely on how your app works)… but presumably they’ll be stored in the database entry for the particular event…

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