How to make sure a form is not sent multiple time?

How to make sure a form / entries are not sent multiple times by the same user?

I m repeating your yelp example and I would like to improve it by making sure the same person cannot enter the same entries multiple times.

Looking forward your answers :slight_smile:

You can add a database field like Sent: True or False.

Then when they send it the first time, update the field to True.

Add a condition that when user clicks submit, it should only send the form when Sent != True.

Just create a custom state on the submit button yes/no type. Then on the submit workflow at the first step add a “set state” to yes. Do the same on the last step setting this time no.

Go to conditions of the button and create a condition that says when this button “custom state name” is yes: This element isn’t clickable.

I suggest to add a reset inputs workflow after submitting.

If your question is to avoid same message multiple times maybe there’s a plugin for that.