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How to manipulate data pulled in through API without storing it?

I am pulling in list data through an API (historical stock prices over time, where each price has a timestamp) and am displaying it in charts. How would I go about multiplying each price in the the list of data by a constant and displaying it in the chart?

I simply want to multiply the expression in the image above by 2, but do not have that option.

I would use the listshifter plugin to do this.

Thanks for the quick reply - diving into list shifter now, but it doesn’t seem to allow for the multiplication of each item in a list, just a change in the order of the items in the list. Am I missing something here?

Ok I found the PROCESS workflow. I clearly have some studying to do to figure this out, but thank you for pointing me in the correct direction!

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That is an awesome tool and it has a lot to look thru. you got this!

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