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How to name elements consistently

Hi guys,

I just came across this article from nCubeSoftwares about their standard for building Bubble app ( Coding Standards For nCubeSoftware - nCubeSoftware Nocode & Lowcode Solutions in Chicago, IL USA).

It was a very good article (kudo to the team). One part that particularly picks my interest is naming convention in Bubble for easier search and manipulation.

I would like to know What is everyone best practice when it comes to naming things in Bubble?


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I’m new to bubble, but I have used numbering and abbreviations to help identify my elements and it’s great for quickly finding the element when creating a workflow.
BG = background, RG = repeating group, PU = pop-up etc.

If I have multiple buttons in a navigation menu, I’ll increment each button (1, 2, 3, 4 etc …). For the elements within the individual pages / sections of the respective buttons, they’ll be indented to 1.1_BG, 1.1_RG, 1.1_username, 1.1_user email etc.

Going deeper into a group will be indented futher 1.1.1,, etc.

This method has helped me to copy groups and reuse them in a different section. I just renumber the elements as per their section to segregate them.

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Colour coding workflows helps me lot.
Red - alters database
Blue - custom workflow navigation
Purple - of note, probably over loaded with business logic.


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