How to parse nested data from a query string?

Hello, I am receiving data from a webhook.

I have my API Endpoint with GET Method

I can save the data in my database, my only problem is whenever I try to save the content, it is only saving blank data. Now, I think the problem is because the content has different format therefore bubble can’t read the data.

Bubble should be able to read it and this is a string. What did you set into your fields? We don’t see this one in screenshot. You should have set “content”… don’t try to fetch the string inside the content… this won’t work.

By the way, if your api have an endpoint to get the TX, I think you may consider using it and get the content also parsed. The best is to give a link to API Doc so we can check what is possible for you

I set like this


Then create a new thing


The API Doc only tells me to attach my Webhook to their portal.

It will not work. According to doc, this is not sending content={“text”:“test”} but content[text]=“test”. Bubble actually doesn’t accept square bracket in the parameters name.

Like I said, do this API have an endpoint to get the transaction id? Do you have the full link of API Doc?

Yes, I also save the transaction id



Here’s the link

In API Connector, try to initialize a call to this endpoint:

You can use filter[transactionId] to filter by ID from the webhook.
Do that first in API Connector and let’s check at the response. The documentation doesn’t give any idea about the response :frowning:

The end goal is
A) you receive a webhook with TX ID
B) you call the TX endpoint with API Connector to get the content data instead of directly from webhook

Response look like this

Perfect. So do what I suggest in my previous reply. The content is the data:first item’s text (you also have more information using this endpoint than just received the webhook)
The only problem I can see with your call is that you have set a filter with the TO phone number but you should set the filter to the filter[transactionId] instead

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Thank you for the help, I’ll try to implement this.

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