How to prevent Chinese characters in SLUG

I have some users who are signing up with japanese and chinese characters as username/slug.
I always though Bubble would only allow english characters as slug, but unfortunately also chinese is support which creates url problems later on.
Do you guys have an idea how I can only allow english characters and symbols during the sign-up process? Regex or something?

REGEX 100% You can easily limit characters to a…z with that simply.

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Is it something like this:


but how to actually use it? Because Bubble is creating the slug on its own during the user signup

So you can use it any number of ways, but certainly you can use it to disable a signup button, or highlight the background of the input or whatever else. Here is how you do it, it’s up to you to figure out how you want to implement it.

Use Regex101 to help you, at the bottom right hand corner is a lot of super easy basic regex operators.


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Thanks Troy!

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