How to prevent unwanted sign ups?

Hello! I am launching my app the sign up page is mydomain/signup

My question is, anyone with that link could just sign up. What is the easiest way to prevent random sign ups?


Please define random.

My sign up page is essentially public, so non-paying users that find the link could sign up and have access to the app. I want to ensure only those users that have paid can gain access.

I process subscriptions with Stripe if that helps at all.

Maybe a better way to phrase it, how do I only allow users to sign up who have an active subscription through Stripe?

How did they get their subscription from?

I have an external landing page separate form bubble with a Stripe checkout link.

Once subscribed, redirect the page to your Bubble apps with query strings in URL as parameters proving they come from your subscription website.

Only allows users to sign up if the parameters in query strings adhere to your criteria, otherwise redirect to, say Google.

I’ve never done that before, do you know any videos walking through this or threads that have already talked about it?

Not that I can remember. The exact steps to take will also depends on the technology of your separate landing page website.
But with a budget happy to provide such service. Feel free to DM if interested.

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