How to redirect user after logout from one page to another

Hello there,

I have a case
Loged-in User enters the page which is available for logged-in only.
User logs out and they must be re-directed to index page.

I created workflow but it works only when user tries to open this page, but when user logs out, they remain on the page allowed for logged in users

Hi there, @cashpay3… you must have a button/icon/menu option that the user clicks to log out, right? In the workflow associated with that button/icon/menu option, log the user out and then use a Go to page… action to send the user to the index page.


but if user will be on the page allowed for logged-out users, so they will be redirected to index page, too after clicking logout button?

Nothing in your original post mentioned anything about a page for logged-out users, so I’m not sure what you mean or what you are actually trying to do.

These are ‘Page load’ events… meaning they will only trigger when the page is loaded…

You can use a ‘When user is logged out’ event to do this… or as @mikeloc says you can just add the relevant action (or actions) to your Log the user out workflow.

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